“As the level of adrenaline slowly settles, and all documentation is sorted through and filed in an organized fashion, Jerry and I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks again to all of you, who have been instrumental in our Austin townhome purchase over the last few weeks. Considering the frequently underwhelming level of customer service these days, it is so refreshing to deal with professionals who really do care to help and to do the right thing.

If only we could use your services to sort out our affairs here in New Jersey! We hope that things will work out here too, and we will see y'all in Austin - soon.”

Best regards,
- Jerry & Eva Kuhlman

“Jayne and I believe Michael and his team performed so far above our expectations that if their competition could experience their thoroughness and complete selling process they would all leave the business. Luck plays no part of their success. It is the results of great organization, strong character, caring employees, and a passion for excellence.”
- Paul & Jayne Gamel

“We have used Michael twice to sell our homes and have had stellar results on both occasions. His attention to detail is second to none, and his people skills are outstanding. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone considering selling, or buying real estate in and around the Austin market.”
- Aden & Amy Lasseter

“I offer the highest, most enthusiastic recommendation for Michael Scheffe. Michael was extremely personable, honest, and always had our best interest in mind as our realtor. Since this was our first home buying experience, he patiently guided us through the entire process. We love the home we bought and we have Michael to thank for his great negotiating skills. It is with great pleasure that I recommend Michael Scheffe.”
- Margaret & Doug Beck

“Michael was great to work with and certainly the highlight of our recent move from Denver to Austin. He was professional, personable and followed through with everything resulting in finding and closing on our new home in just 35 days. His attention to detail and attentiveness to our needs made finding a home quick and without any surprises. I would recommend Michael to anyone looking for the best of the best in the business. It was a pleasure working with him he made our family's move to Austin a lot easier than we ever expected.”
- Graham & Cindy McFarland

“Michael is completely on top of his game in real estate. He has great knowledge of the industry and the specific geographies his firm services. He is fun to work with and really cares about getting the job done for his clients.”
- Heather Hollingsworth Valdez

“I come from a family of realtors, my mom, and both of my sisters. Michael is truly the best residential real estate agent in Austin, Texas.”
- Dana Roberson

“Michael has a great reputation and has produced results for us and others in our area. He's easy to work with and extremely trustworthy.”
- John & Kristy Jordan

“Thank you so much for your help with both selling our current home and buying our dream home! You have been patient, professional, high integrity, and most of all, the greatest guides for us during this occasionally confusing and definitely exciting process. It has been a pleasure to work with you and your team.”
- Noelle & Brian Brandaw

“Michael knows the Lake Pointe real estate market better than anyone. He knows how to price homes and market them. Our home was sold to the very first couple that saw the house! He knows what work needs to be done to a house to best present it to the market. If you hire Michael, tell him to tell you, no holds barred, what you must do to your house to sell it and then follow that advice. It works”
- Geoff Perlman

“...it is very refreshing these days to have the opportunity to work with a firm, and the people that make it up, that takes the time and effort to “do it right”. I can easily state, without hesitation, that the Scheffe Group is such a firm. I can’t tell you how comfortable it is to deal with people that know what they are doing – and just as important – why they are doing it that way.”
- Jim & Kathie Wade

“Hey Michael,
Just wanted to thank you for your efforts in bringing a buyer to the table. It was enjoyable to work with such an honest, smart fellow as yourself. If you and your family ever happen to be in Switzerland, give us a shout.”
- Greg & Darlene Babb

"I am a big fan of Michael Scheffe and his team and could not recommend the collective highly enough. Aside from the marketing skill set, Michael brings a business oriented philosophy to an otherwise emotional process, which creates an environment for the best possible decision making."
- Travis Dunaway

"The Scheffe Group is a top notch agency with the most qualified staff in town. Not only did they find us the perfect house, they were able to help secure a loan at the last minute when FHA guidelines prevented our lender from approving our loan."
- Gregg Yows

"My wife and I hired Michael to help us sell two homes. Great results. We'll hire him again next time!"
- David Thompson

"It was great working with Michael as a team to sell our home. He has great market acumen and uses a good mix of different channels to market your home. The results speak for themselves as we were able to sell our house within 5 days in this market! I would highly recommend Michael to anyone looking for an aggressive yet amicable agent to represent them."
- Archana George

"Wanted to thank you guys for all the work you did in regard to our house sale. I never had any surprises and communication was very fast. I felt like I was well looked after."
- Dean Burris

"Dear Michael,

What a lucky person I am to have had you guide me and support me through the purchase of our new home and especially the sale of my old home.  You always say the right thing and you always make the best decision.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
- Ann Ferrell

"We had a great experience with Michael as our agent. He is super knowledgeable of the market and especially the area we wanted to live. He even knew about a house before it hit the market and ultimately that was the reason we were able to get it! He's honest and really cares about what you're looking for and tries to find you exactly what you want. He talked us through the negotiation process and was smart and confident, therefore we felt so much less stress having him as our agent. He's willing to put in the time it takes to make sure his clients are happy, not just showing up for the closing. He went above and beyond and even gave us advice with another real estate related matter even when he had nothing to gain from it, just because he's a really caring and nice person. I highly recommend him!"
-Penny Rand

"I have bought and sold many homes. Michael Scheffe is "hands down" THE BEST real estate experience I have had. I highly recommend Michael."
-Paul Brady

"We have become repeat customers with Michael. Besides helping us sell a home, he has helped us buy two others. His professionalism is unmatched. I can't say enough about his negotiation skills and how good he is with people in general. He is someone you can really count on!"
-Merri Cronk

"Michael is one of the most dependable agents I've ever worked with. He's open and honest. He listens to what you want. For us, it felt he truly wanted us to love our next home and that's where honesty and transparency pays off; acting as a partner in the process. He felt equally invested in our purchase. His assessment of the house, the neighborhood and the sellers was detailed and insightful allowing us to feel great about our choice and his negotiation got us the best deal possible."
-Matt Rand